Post Graduate Diploma in Transplant Coordination & Grief Counselling

Post Graduate Diploma in Transplant Coordination & Grief Counselling

"Unique Online Course - Learn at Your own Pace"

MOHAN Foundation offers a structured one year certificate course for Transplant Coordinators where you can learn at your own pace. This is a unique blended learning (E-learning and contact sessions) for working health care professionals.


Creating a cadre of health care professionals dedicated to “Transplant Coordination and Grief Counselling” in India and South Asia to improve Organ Donation Rate in this region.

You will learn

In this course you will understand the requirement for:
  • Tissue Donation and Transplantation
  • Living Organ Donation and Transplantation
  • Deceased Organ Donation and Multi-Organ Retrieval
  • Heart, Lung, Liver, Kidney, Pancreas, Intestine Transplantation

Course curriculum

  • Medical Aspects of Organ Donation and Transplantation
  • Legal and Ethical Aspects of Organ Donation and Transplantation
  • Grief Counselling
  • Transplant Coordination
  • Application Oriented Visits (Due to COVID-19 pandemic, application oriented visits will be covered through virtual sessions and educational films.)
  • Assignments

2023 batch


I am working in AIIMS RAIPUR as a Transplant Coordinator. I have learned a lot from this course. I have become quite confident in working in this field, and I realized that this course has taught me how to streamline many things. Especially the part about grief counselling was very helpful for me. I learned where I was making mistakes, and I have improved a lot after this course. It's an amazing course, especially for those who want to work in this field.

2023 batch


I am a Transplant Coordinator working in a Govt. Hospital in Delhi. I have heard about this course from some of my colleagues. Thereafter, I decided to join and gain the knowledge through this beautiful course. I learnt so many new things. I would like to recommend this course to each and every one who is a part of this noble course. Thanks a lot for providing such a beautiful course.

2023 batch


"It was nice learning with MOHAN Foundation. Science I am working on Heart & Lung transplantation, MOHAN Foundation effectively taught me everything about other organ & tissue transplantation. Specifically, grief counselling was something what I was not aware of anything and the course gave an intensive learning. I am eagerly anticipating gaining hands-on experience in grief counselling.
Thank you, MOHAN Foundation.

2022 batch


"Outstanding course, Very well appreciated.

The level of clinical details covered in the course may be very high for transplant coordinators who may not have any medical background. So that may be moderated accordingly."

2022 batch


Some of the content could have been better presented with audio visual aid. Overall course content was comprehensive and engaging.

I am very grateful to MOHAN Foundation for allowing me to enrol in the course even though I was late in applying for it. I have gained so much from attending the lectures and associated activities.

2021 batch

Ms. Poonam Sharma, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

I came across the term "Transplant Coordinator" when I, myself, had registered on the cadaver waiting list for a kidney. People used to call or visit in person to know the experience of undergoing transplant surgery and how to proceed. This gave me an insight to pursue the Transplant Coordination course (finally ended up with a post graduate diploma of one year in transplant coordination and grief counseling).

The course provides in-depth knowledge about organ transplant, brain stem death and organ donation process. The counseling and understanding of grief are important components of the course.

In the future, I look forward to working in the direction of educating people and assisting them with becoming an organ donor, so that people like me can get a second chance at life!!

Thank you, MOHAN Foundation, especially Sujatha ma'am and team for being there for help at any given hour.

2021 batch

Ms. Sai Sree Golakoti, East Godavari, Andhra Pradesh, India

It was a great experience with MOHAN Foundation. MF team is always ready to help and they respond very quickly if we have any queries or doubts even in not working days/ hours. I have gained so much knowledge through contact sessions because you always bring best faculty. Course material which you provided us is very good and everything is included in the material, we no need to refer somewhere else to study the topics. It would be nice if you have a placement cell because with the proper placement and training, students learn how to put forth their knowledge and abilities in the right way to get the best job. So more people will join in this course. It would be beneficial for the students and MF as well.

Regarding course material, contact sessions and my experience. The course material is good to study and understandable but for better understanding minimize the content in pdf and text forms. Though we had enough time to study we can't memorize every thing because some points which are not there in pdf will be there in text or ppt's. We may not have time to study each every module which is there in pdf, text and PPT's. So make sure the content is clear with main points in text form or pdf and PPT's just for reference.

It will be nice if you conduct contact sessions twice a month from the starting. So that if they don't have time to study and cover all the topics in material, they can learn through contact sessions. Please Include MCQ's for all the topics which really help the students. Apart from these minor concerns I had really really great experience and you guys helped me alot throughout the year. You cleared all my doubts about the topics, study material. Thanks for the help and support.

Awaiting to get placed. Hope you assist in getting placement in the best hospital.

2021 batch

Lt. Col. Meenakshi Devi Sharma, Pune, Maharashtra, India

I Lt. Col. Meenakshi Devi Sharma was part of PGDTC & Grief Counselling 2021 and with immense pleasure I am writing this feedback post completion of the course dated 25th Dec 2021. Please treat this as my gratitude towards the hard work team has done in order to impart the required knowledge.
  1. Over all the course has imparted new knowledge to me and hopefully it will help me in my professional career.
  2. The course is well structured and coordinated well; it helped me to gain the required knowledge with ease.
  3. I'm feeling confident gaining the knowledge and would like to explore more professional opportunities in the area.
Few areas of improvement that I can suggest:
  1. In order to collaborate with other organization unit like Police, Air lift services etc. we would need their contact information with ease. Sharing such detail in form of references can be beneficial and save time.
  2. Being part of collaborative efforts during the course would help.
  3. Interactive session with transplant teams will give people real life experiences which can be discussed with reference to the topic.
  4. Timing for Final was less; maybe we can split it into two parts.
Last but not the least; Special Thanks to teachers and coordinators for sharing their experiences and knowledge to help gain the subject with ease.

2021 batch

Ms. Tebogo Bantshi, Gaborone, Botswana,

I was happy to enroll with MOHAN Foundation and do Post graduate Diploma In Transplant coordination andGrief counseling. The course was quite interesting. I have learned a lot about organs which are being transplanted. I also learned the importance of involving family members, especially on the retrieval of the organs. My challenge with the course was the time differences but besides that I’m happy with the outline of the course. My recommendation will be, include Degree for higher level of recognition of the course.

2020 batch

Mrs. G. S. Ambili, Malappuram, Keala, India

I joined the course out of curiosity, that is to know regarding the process of organ donation...and also want to be part of it. This one-year course gained me a lot of knowledge regarding the same. I would like to work as a Transplant Coordinator

2020 batch

Mr. Mathew Joseph Sabu, Kochi, Kerala, India

This online program really helped me to develop knowledge in the field of transplant coordination. The course was developed in a form where we could learn at our convenience. The course modules, videos and live sessions covering basic concepts of organ donation and transplantation, THO Act, ethical, medical and legal aspects, deceased organ donation, state wise laws for organ transplant, international practices in organ transplant and coordination, transplant coordination and grief counselling molded me with the required skills. Later, I was able to join as a Transplant coordinator in the department of Integrated Liver Care at Aster Medcity Kochi. I believe that this course helped me to be in my current position. The learnings from the program really contribute to my position as a Transplant Coordinator.

Thanks to MOHAN Foundation for offering such a program.

2020 batch

Sangita Sedhai, Kathmandu, Nepal

“I have been working as a transplant coordinator since 2016 without any structural training, now this course helps me in various ways. Firstly, it introduced me to the basic of brain stem death and donation, secondly to the grief counselling and its steps, ethical aspects and organ allocation and sharing.

This course includes not only the clinical portion but also the legal part and the case scenario, which provides a framework to understand and manage the situation.

Engagement throughout the course through assignment, project work and assessment, contact sessions with experts and sharing of experience makes different to this course.

I suggest all to take this course once if they want to be a good transplant coordinator.”

2019 batch

Mrs. Sona Lazar, Madrid, Spain

After I completed my Bachelors in nursing, I joined Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital in Mumbai as a scrub nurse in the operation theatre. Here I was blessed to be involved in organ transplant operations assisting the leading transplant surgeons from India. It slowly dawned upon me that the impact of our work was immense. Organ transplant had the potential to give a new life to people. This experience left an indelible impact on me, I wanted to learn more about the complete process of organ donation and transplantation so I chose this course to know more about Organ donation and transplantation. Course materials were relevant and organised in a professional way that even a non medical professional person can understand. During the course various methodologies were used for teaching such as real life case discussions, role plays and panel discussions. I believe these methodologies are very helpful for us to learn from others and also develop our own skills such as communication and teamwork in the process of learning.

Currently I am in Spain and in the future I hope to work one day as a transplant coordinator.

Registration open for 2025 batch

Course at a Glance

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1 Year
Access to the online study materials is valid only for the training period
Total Hours
480 Hours
Online Modules & Contact Sessions (Webinars)
Course Fee
INR 15,000 (Indian candidates) / $ 249.99 (International candidates)

Who should join

Graduates in any subject who wish to have a value-add to their qualification

Allied Health Science
Social Work
Social Science
Public Health
Hospital Administration
Graduate in any subject
Graduate in any subject

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